Radical Hip Hop, Trans & Queer Liberation and
the Transformative Power of Community

Heidi Barton Stink is a transgender
community organizer, activist and hip hop
artist based in Minneapolis. While it’s true
that those words don’t often go together,
Heidi is developing a career around the
idea that there can be both beauty and
power in breaking molds, blazing trails and
not being afraid to stand out. Whether
rapping about queer liberation, music
industry politics or the importance of love
(or just engaging in some good old-
fashioned raw, mic-ripping hip hop) her
work is explicitly political, deeply personal,
often hilarious and always sincere.

After releasing her debut EP, “The Familiar Pattern,” in 2010, Heidi performed throughout the U.S., from San Francisco to Chicago to Camp Trans in Michigan to Portland (both the Oregon one and the Maine one) to Cornell University, as well as countless high profile Twin Cities events like the Dirty Queer Show, Take Back the Night and Hip Hop Against Homophobia. Most recently, she organized GASP! (Gender Anarchy Sex Positivity), an art exhibition at Intermedia Arts exploring gender and healthy sex through art and community organizing. She’s shared the stage with rising indie-rap luminaries like Mike Mictlan from Doomtree, Kristoff Krane,
Guante, Desdamona, Katastrophe, Goddess and She and Athens Boys Choir, and is currently planning her first full-length release.

“She is not just a great “queer rapper,” she is the real deal. She is an MC’s MC.”
–Rocco “Katastrophe” Kayiatos, Original Plumbing Magazine

“Her work as a queer-and-trans-identifying MC certainly breaks the pattern of hyper-masculine—and often grossly homophobic—hip-hop… “The Familiar Pattern” goes far beyond the catchphrases of most so-called “conscious rap,” targeting audiences and injustices with lyrical dexterity and focused rage.”
–Justin Schell, The Twin Cities Daily Planet

“Heidi’s rhythms are clever and original, her flow is flawless and her raps are relevant with themes ranging from breaking free from shame, addiction, social justice and love.”
–Ofelia Del Corazon, TheNewGay.net

“If MC/rapper Heidi Barton Stink has you take one thing away about her from her EP, “The Familiar Pattern,” it’s that she’s a good-to-great rapper… the understanding and attention shown to the craft of MCing makes her a “rapper who is transgendered” rather than “a transgendered person who raps.” It’s not a “Homo-Hop” record, it’s a rap record, and a good one at that.”
–Chaz Kangas, Popular Opinions with Chaz Kangas

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